NL914A™ Night Vision Monocular



The NL914A™ is based on the US Military model AN/PVS-14-A night vision monocular. The NL914A™ is a very versatile night vision system offering hand-held capability as a self contained pocketscope for left and right mountings as a monocular and quickly changed mountings on weapons sights in conjunction with an infrared laser aiming device. The NL914A™ will mount or interface with standard AN/PVS-7B or AN/PVS-7D helmet mounts or face masks. The monocular operates on a single AA battery and features variable gain, automatic brightness control (ABC), and a built in IR illuminator. Optional magnification with 3X or 5X afocal objectives is available to provide long-range observation. Available accessories include: lens cover, eye guard, retainer cord, battery, Operator’s Manual, soft carrying case, shoulder strap, hard carrying case, demist shield, lens brush, lens paper, weapon mount, head/helmet mount adapter, sacrificial window, head mount assembly and compass.

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