The Noisefighters X14-Arm™ is a featherweight PVS-14 night vision monocular mounting arm produced with cutting edge manufacturing and material technologies. The X14-Arm weighs 0.7 oz / 20 g total, or over 63% less than a milspec J-Arm. Just attach a monocular, snap the complete assembly into an industry-standard dovetail helmet mount, and enjoy. The choice of a high performance polymer from Arkema® produces a nearly indestructible monocular mount. The highly impact-resistant material chosen for the X14-Arm should absorb shocks and bounce back into shape instead of fracturing when dropped, bent, or otherwise stressed. For extra peace of mind, we added fasteners made of anodized, aerospace grade aluminum. An intuitive, friction-based mechanism allows users to swing the PVS-14 monocular in front of either the left or right eye and perfectly adjust for interpupillary distance. The mechanism is pretensioned at the factory and should never need to be adjusted, but a simple hex key wrench may be used for adjustment as necessary. A no-questions-asked, transferable lifetime warranty is included. The Noisefighters X14-Arm is proudly made and assembled in the U.S.A. and was designed by a Marine Corps combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Considerations to account for when using this product: This arm is NOT COMPATIBLE with bayonet-style night vision helmet mounts. You MUST HAVE a dovetail-type night vision helmet mount. No auto-shutoff system is integrated. Users must manually turn off the monocular when flipping up and stowing equipment on the top of the helmet. SPECIFICATIONS: COMPATIBLE WITH: MILSPEC PVS-14, VYPER-14, MOD3 (AUTOGAIN VERSION ONLY) HELMET MOUNTING COMPATIBILITY: DOVETAIL INTERPUPILLARY DISTANCE (IPD) COMPATIBILITY: 55 - 75mm MATERIALS USED: HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYMER FROM ARKEMA®; ANODIZED ALUMINUM; STAINLESS STEEL FINISH: BLACK TOTAL ASSEMBLED WEIGHT OF THIS PRODUCT: 0.7 OZ / 20 g DIMENSIONS: 3.5 x 1 x 1.25" ESTIMATED COMBINED WEIGHT WITH A MILSPEC PVS-14 ATTACHED (L3® UNFILMED 11769 TUBE, NO BATTERY, NO EYECUP RETAINING RING, NO RUBBER EYECUP, NO DEMIST SHIELD INSTALLED): 11.6 OZ ESTIMATED COMBINED WEIGHT WITH A LIGHTWEIGHT NIGHTLINE, INC. NL914C MONOCULAR (L3® UNFILMED 11769 TUBE, NO BATTERY, NO EYECUP RETAINING RING, NO RUBBER EYECUP, NO DEMIST SHIELD INSTALLED): 10.7 OZ WARRANTY: LIFETIME, TRANSFERABLE MADE AND ASSEMBLED IN THE U.S.A. BY A DISABLED U.S.M.C. COMBAT VETERAN OWNED COMPANY ONLY FOR SALE TO U.S. PERSONS IN THE UNITED STATES. YOU MAY NOT EXPORT THIS ITEM OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES.

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